How to prepare schedule for JEE Main exams

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Every year large number of students applied for this exam but only few cleared JEE Mains and entered in the JEE Advanced. Students who follow precise strategy can ultimately crack JEE Mains. For the complete study of the giant syllabus, students will have to organize their study effectively. Students should always start their preparation from the ‘Basics’. It is really imperative to have a good base for a right foundation. Students who are preparing for JEE Mains along with the board exams can also join fast track JEE program. This study program is based on the synergistic approach for the Board studies as well as IIT-JEE.

Schedule for success in JEE

According to many IITians, appropriate strategy and strictly follow of this strategy make your way to success. Simple tips can make a huge impact especially when you are preparing for the JEE.  JEE Main is considered as the cut throat competition due to the limited amount of seats in it.  For the fast track JEE preparation students will have to plan well. Simple but reasonable schedule can do lot of wonders. So here some tips to prepare schedule for JEE Main exams:

  • First of all students need to know about their caliber. Knowing their strength and weakness can make half done.How to prepare schedule for JEE Main exams
  • According to your self-analysis start dividing your time for each subject. 
  • Draw a time table in which all the subjects must have appropriate time.
  • Collect top-notch quality study material
  • As the syllabus of JEE main is vast so it will be better to make relevant notes for the last time revision.
  • Solve more and more last year question papers.
  • Healthy diet with sound sleep is also very essential.
  • Your schedule must include your entertainment time.

JEE exam requires lot of hard work with intelligent quotient. Make proper schedule but it should not too tough to follow. It should be according to your comfort. Students who are applying first time for the JEE Main face some sort of fear. They feel nervousness and stress in the last month of exam. So they to go with the complete revision package for JEE for the last moment revision.

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