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Kaysons Education wishes All— The Seasonal Bonfire Lohri festival

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Do you know why India is called as Incredible India however the incredible word has not been prefixed with the name of any other country except India. It is because India is a sole country that is a hub of customs and rituals and known as the birth place of saints.

In India we can see several unique things and festivals are one of them. We celebrate festivals almost every month. As it is January, so Lohri is about to come. All of us know that it is a festival to fly kites whole the day and enjoy eating peanuts and sweet dishes. In the evening we do bonfires and the whole family move around it and put Prasad (peanuts, pop corn and rewri (sweets).

 Do you about the history of Lohri? It is mainly linked with land of Punjab and it is believed that the occasion of Lohri has the shortest day and longest night of the year. So this cultural festival is based on celebrating the shortest day.

Happy Lohri 2014

In the evening the light of bonfire determines the beginning of longer days and it also retains some ethical values. Lohri is conventionally linked with the rabi harvesting. Punjabi people collect peanut, butter, rewri and sweet items to be grateful for God for excellent crop produce. The other day after lohri is celebrated as the beginning of new economical year that is considered as the essential day.

In Punjab it is assumed that Lohri is internally connected to the Dulla Bhatti’s story. Even many lohri songs are based on this story. During the kingdom of Mughal ruler Akbar, Dulla Bhatti survived in Punjab and treated as conqueror of the state. He robbed rich people and rescued many Punjabi girls from the servant bazaar in Middle East. He got them married with their own religion boys by following the complete culture and gave them dowry. Therefore every lohri song shows gratitude to him. He was the bravest man in Punjab and his stories are available online.

 While celebrating the day of lohri dedicated to the bravest man of Punjab, people enjoy eating sesame seeds and rorhi that are the important eatables. It is also assumed that both words til and rorhi have been combined to create word lohri.

 So enjoy lohri by flying kites and eating peanuts, til and rohri. An also Keep remember Dulla Bhatti who dedicated his life for the sake of humanity.

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