Self study for IIT JEE: Planning and Execution

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We will not focus on how hard it is to crack the IIT JEE and how advanced is the level of questions asked in the exam. We will not talk about the level of dedication and focus required over the course of preparation after having chosen self-study as the mode of preparation in order to be successful in the pursuit of IIT. What we will talk about is the steps that you can take to come up with proper planning and execution of those plans. Kaysons helps you set up a step-by-step program to be followed on a daily basis, making it easier for you to plan the preparation systematically and efficiently. Listed below are the steps that you can follow to ensure that your preparation for JEE is effective and highly productive throughout:

Download the Time-Table

The Kaysons time-table for JEE provides a well planned schedule for the whole time period of your preparation. Specific topics from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are assigned for each day, with the difficulty level of the topics increasing gradually, so as to make sure that the students do not face any difficulty.

Watch the Video

The whole course for JEE is divided into 440 video lectures, each with a duration of 30 minutes. Watch the video lecture corresponding to the topic in the time-table. Each of these lectures is taken by highly experienced IIT faculty, making sure that you can grasp the topic with great ease.

Refer the Study Material

Once you are done with the video lecture, refer to the Kaysons study material or any other reference book for the topic covered in the lecture. This practice would help you cover the topic in detail.

View and Ask the Doubts

You can view the doubts asked by other students, which would help you get a better understanding of the concept. If you have any other doubts, you can ask the same to the Kaysons faculty.

Practice the Questions

One of the most important aspects of the JEE preparation is practice. Once you have watched the video lectures and gone through the study material, make sure that you practice as many questions as possible for the topic covered on the day. In order to get the required level of expertise for the topic, make sure that you attempt the questions until you solve at least 75% of them correctly.

Give the Tests

Testing yourself is of utmost importance and giving chapter wise tests is all the more beneficial as it gives you a fair idea as to what are the areas you need to work on. After every chapter you complete, make sure that you give the test for that chapter.
Make sure that you follow the above mentioned steps on a regular basis to ensure that your preparation for JEE goes along in a systematic method.

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