Self-study or regular coaching for JEE

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This is a very relevant question seeing the current scenario of the new pattern that has been implemented for the JEE 2015 session. Whether you should select self-study or regular coaching for preparing for the entrance exam, the fact remains that it is only based on your caliber and hard work that you can crack the JEE 2015.

Self-study or regular coaching for 2014

To decide whether you’d like to join a regular coaching class or study on your own at home, you have to ask yourself

To decide whether you’d like to join a regular coaching class or study on your own at home, you have to ask yourself:

  • Introspect and check if you have the capability to study on your own or have the tendency to procrastinate?
  • Can you schedule your complete JEE course and study as per the time-table?
  • Do you want to waste time commuting everyday or prefer using the same time to rest and study?
  • Do you want to enjoy the classroom ambience and live lecture once a day or do you prefer seeing pre-recorded classroom lectures over and over again by IIT teachers within the comfort of your home?


If you have the capability to stick to schedule and are conscious about your goals, you can choose self-study programs and join Kaysons Education power packed modules. But if you are unsure and need pushing to stay on course, you can think about going for regular classes.  But remember that none of the coaching class will guarantee a sure-shot seat at nay IIT or regional college. Only your hard work will count. If you are true to yourself and study regularly while having your concepts cleared by experts, you are sure to achieve your dream.


You’ll need to have higher focus and stay on track of scheduled study for over 10 hours a day if you are looking to crack JEE Mains and Advanced for studying in IIT. And this is regardless of whether you join regular coaching or study for JEE on your own. The only role that regular coaching classes provide is to help you and guide you while charging a fee, but it is the amount of studying that you do on your own that counts. Practice and more practice should be your mantra to succeed.


With the new JEE pattern implemented for 2015 also, you need to be sure that you know your course well and have crystal clear concepts as that will count in the end. The change in pattern ahs been done so that the students with clear concepts, analytical and logical skills succeed while the students depending upon rote memory do not clear the exam. Thus, it will depend upon you, irrespective of whether you join a regular class or take self-study module for guidance.


However the fact remains that self-study program is better structured and when combined with 24/7 assistance of subject matter experts in math, chemistry and physics, it helps the students do better. Along with that pre-recorded lectures give the students the choice of viewing them anytime that they like and can keep on repeating them to get the concepts cleared. But do not neglect your NCERT books as 12th class marks hold higher importance now than ever before. Make notes, study well and revise then there is no stopping you from achieving your dreams.


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  1. Bhushan Gupta says:

    According to my perspective, self study is important to clear IIT but with this coaching classes also play equal and infact an important role. With a coaching class, self study is also needed. A coaching class provides with a competitive environment to study and the procedure and time table followed by them lets you complete the syllabus on time which is somewhere not possible in self study. I personally have an experience of catalyser as my coaching classes and it has proved to be a good decision with which I was able to get a AIR-5 rank also……

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