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Getting into IIT is not a small task but requires years of hard work and dedication towards studies and time management. But if you understand the ways to smart study to clear JEE, you’ll be a notch above the rest.

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Clear JEE

Start your preparation early

Most students who are serious about joining IIT have a well-planned methodology by the time they are in 11th as it is difficult to concentrate on 12th board examinations and study with equal dedication for IIT JEE. That is why if you start your initial JEE preparation in 11th class, you’ll be able to brush up your basics simultaneously.

Have a proper routine

To study smart, you need to have a schedule and the willpower to stick to it. You might be wasting a lot of time deciding what to study, which topic to cover or deciding when to study or where to study can be time consuming. And then work gets postponed, which can be detrimental to your study pattern. So make a time table that is not too hectic and something that you can stick with on a long term basis. Ensure that you study in a room that is quiet and away from distractions. Don’t slouch on the bed or lie down as it might just lull you to sleep and again you would end up wasting time. So sit properly at a table and then study.

Being healthy

For maintaining your study schedule and good performance it is imperative to stay healthy. If you are in poor mental or physical health, you cannot put in your best so it is good to take a few minutes to go out in fresh air, exercise or take a walk everyday. Proper diet and healthy food is as essential as sleep and rest. Some students prefer yoga and meditation as it increases concentration and provides good physical exercise at the same time.

Stay organized

Whether you are a neat-freak or like to stay disorganized most of the time, when it comes to studying properly, it is necessary to stay organized. Keep all your IIT-JEE study material in one cupboard along with the CDs and DVDs of lectures that you may have when you take a self-study program with Kaysons Education. This helps you save time looking for your notebooks and books when you have to study. Don’t go overboard get enroll at numerous self-study programs as it is difficult for a student to complete a single set of IIT- JEE material. Most of the reading material given in most courses remain the same so stick with one set and ensure that you study all of the 12th class text books, prepare proper notes and repeatedly solve logic and numerical questions as many times as you can.

End the distractions

Don’t take phone calls from your friends all through the day or play video games or check your smartphone every few minutes as it distracts you from your goal. Ensure that you have a fixed time for recreational activities which does not exceed 45 minutes to 1 hour.

It is determination to succeed along with dedication to study that can pull you through the preparation time for IIT-JEE. But hard work pays, so if you study smart you can succeed.

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Apart from being an IITian (IIT K), I am a thinker, observer and a blogger by passion. I like to write about the user behavior, education and students concerns.

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