Is Your Social Life Deserted While Preparing for Iit Exam?

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While Shekhar Choudhary never involved in a social gathering and parties for two years and is appreciative to his mother and father for assisting him study with no distractions. His opening is that it is also important to get short breaks while preparing for any competitive exam but it is also true that social life is totally deserted while preparing for IIT exam. He also says that every candidate should balance their life, person should manage their social life too while going to attend IIT JEE exam. Social life and professional life both are important and play a key role in your life.

Shekhar Choudhary, 18 has reached what is the wish of all IIT candidates. He holds the reputed rank in IIT-JEE 2014. A resident of New Delhi and got IIT coaching Online from Kaysons Education Pvt. Ltd. He says he is a book worm and really fond of reading books on organic chemistry and has, in fact, learnt them like adventurous fiction stories for the past two years. Shekar confesses he is actually not into gaming, sports and other curriculum activities,  but strongly suggests that a person should choose and do whatever he/she is interested in outside the school curriculum.


He talks how his background of CBSE course helped him crack the examination, his suggestions on IIT education and future professional plans.

When did I start my preparation for the IIT Entrance Exam?

The first time I properly ready for a competitive examination was in Class VIII. It actually taught me how to prepare for a competitive exam. However, I started preparing specifically for IIT-JEE when I was in Class XI.

How did I prepare?

Most of my friends asked only one similar question – Did you joined coaching classes or rely on self-study alongside? Actually, my IIT-JEE preparation started right in school. The topics taught were seriously useful because the teaching pattern and the curriculum combined the requirements of both JEE and CBSE. But I had also got admission in Kaysons Education Pvt. Ltd – an IIT JEE Online Coaching institute. The experts of this institute  were available 24×7 for my help.

What were my favourite subject?

My favourite subject was chemistry. I increased a passion for chemistry very spontaneously, I was on the verge of finishing Class XI. In fact, I always liked learning lots of chemistry books that I have study them like adventeous stories.  And I haven’t thought the necessity to read any book of fiction since then. I think organic chemistry is actually an interesting topic.

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