Solving numerical is not a problem anymore – go ahead with cases for JEE mains

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Only few days are left for the Joint Engineering Entrance (JEE). Aspirants must know the essentials of this exam. Aspirants will have three hours for solving 90 questions. Each question carrying 4 marks. Students should make effective use of time so that they can solve whole paper within time. For the last moment preparation students should go with the fast track jee preparation CASES to get good rank in JEE Mains.

Paper pattern:

Praveen Tyagi, the JEE expert said that paper includes 25% easy questions. Around 60% questions are average in termspaper pattern of difficulty. So candidates should start with the easier questions first then move on the average level questions. This will boost the confidence and will create positivism among the students to solve the rest paper. For the difficult questions candidates are required to have deep knowledge of the formulae of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Solving these question need higher mental ability and the conceptual understanding. And the rest 15% questions will judge the high analytical problem solving skills of the candidates.

Numerical is not a problem:

numerical is not a problem nowAspirants must be clear about the concepts so as to solve analytical problems. Numerical will not be a problem if you have deeper understanding of the concepts. Do more and more practice of the numeric problems. Most of the students fail just because of lack of practice. JEE main is a speed test. Students must have enough guts to deal with time. Make speed with accuracy for solving numerical problems. Fast track revision package for JEE, allow you to make effective use of time.

Go ahead with confidence:Be confident

As we know no shortcut for IITJEE success. Your preparations and confidence will give you success.  Revision builds confidence and the chances of scoring high. Clarity of the concepts is very important building confidence.

Manas Kapoor

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  1. Mini Tandon says:

    Dear Anita,
    With the help of cases you can have command on the questions which is usually asked in JEE and that surely increase your chances of good rank in IIT.

  2. Guest says:

    how can cases help me in scoring gd rnk in iit?

  3. anita singh says:

    how can cases be helpful in my gud rank in iit?

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