Spend time on what you love along with preparing for JEE

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“All work and no play make jack a dull boy.”

It is a very old saying but holds true for almost every walk of life even today and even more so for the students preparing for IIT JEE.

Let’s take an example of Karan, a student of class 11 living in Kanpur. Karan wakes up every morning and reaches school by 8 a.m. He comes back home at 2 and then rushes off at 3 for his JEE coaching class, returning only after 8 p.m. He is then expected to revise what was taught in the class, complete the home work from school and get a little sleep. This schedule does not leave any scope for recreation for Karan and thousands of other aspirants like him across the country.

More than 10 lakh students sit for the JEE every year but only a quarter of them can say that they are confident about their preparation. This is due to the overburdening of the studies, which makes the students run away from the pressures of this preparation. The Kaysons study time table for IIT JEE has been designed specifically to avoid this overburdening and to make sure that no aspirant ends up being a dull boy or girl at the time of examination.
Let’s take a look at the advantages that you get with this time table:

Less Pressure while preparing for JEE

Pressure, when applied in the right measure, makes for quality ornaments. However, when the pressure is overdone all you are left with is broken pieces of the materials used to make the ornaments. Same goes for JEE preparation. Too much pressure and you can see the whole thing just falling apart before even sitting for the exam. The Kaysons JEE time table is designed to ensure that the whole syllabus is well-paced in order to ensure that the students are not over burdened during the course of preparation.

More Time

Time is of essence during the preparation for JEE. Taking time out for something other than preparing for JEE during a day is even more important. The video lectures that come with the topics listed on the time table have an average duration of 30 minutes, making sure that you have ample time in the day to understand the concepts, practice the question for the topic and also take some time to indulge in a recreational activity. Taking time out for an activity apart from studying will help you keep your mind fresh and maintain better focus on the studies.

No Travel

Traveling long distances between the coaching classes and your home leaves you mentally and physically exhausted, resulting in reduced capacity and focus for studies. With the Kaysons Education online package for IIT JEE preparation, you can prepare very well at home, saving all the time and energy spent in traveling on your studies and recreational activates.

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