Srinidhi Prabhu-CET topper –tops JEE mains with flying colours! 

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CET Topper - Srinidhi PrabhuLets celebrate with Srinidhi from Bangalore who has topped the JEE mains exam with flying colours. Not only that he has been the topper for CET (Common entrance test in Engineering) and got the 133rd rank in JEE advanced. This young man has set his eyes on the future by joining IIT Madras in the computer engineering course. According to him his JEE Mains rank has served its purpose as he has already decided his course in life.

Srinidhi is not the only topper, JEE mains and JEE advanced exams have seen innumerable toppers over the years. What makes them who they are or what leads them to the top? It is sheer hard work and the determination to top the ranks. It basically boils down to ones attitude on how they approach their studies.

But According to Prabhu, he feels that the 100-200 students were no less capable than him. It is just a matter of one questions that decides whether you hit the mark or not. Just one mark can make you the topper or get you the second rank. He believes in pure luck of the day that decides fate. And yes fate has given him just what he wants by making him the topper of this year. “I expected a rank of around 20 or 25 in the JEE-Mains but never the number one rank,” said Prabhu. “It is unbelievable.”

Out of the long list of aspirants of JEE mains only 1.5 lakh students were allowed to give this prestigious exam of JEE advanced. This will lead them to national level institutes such as 16 branches of Indian institute of technology IIT and Indian school of mines ISM Dhanbad.

By clearing the JEE mains students can dream of getting into the 30 branches of NITs or  National institute of technology, 10 Indian institutes of information technology and many centrally funded technical institutions. T he ranking of JEE mains was declared only 3 days ago even though results were out in May.

The JEE mains exam comprises of 3, three hour papers ie physics chemistry and maths and Prabhu scored highest marks of 105 in physics 115 in chemistry and 116 in maths out of a total score of 120 each.

Will Srinidhi Prabhu make us proud in the future? Will he take his education to the next level by putting it into practice and scoring ground breaking achievement? History has proven his mettle and the future will also be bright. Well done Prabhu, you make us proud!

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