The Super 30 students qualifying for IIT!

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IIT being the toughest and most competitive engineering exam, many students vie with one another for a seat. Andsuper-30-excels-again-27-out-of-30-students-qualify-for-iit in this pursuit how can the backward and unfortunate lot be left behind. Those coming from a humble background also seek an opportunity to get those super grades at the entrance exam for IIT. But with no means and resources how will they get to the top?

This is where super 30 came in, founded by Mr Anand Kumar. The super 30 targets 30 talented students from back ward society and trains them for IIT. These 30 students are given free food, lodging and education so that they can crack the IIT exam. And yes this has happened this time with 27 out of 30 of them actually cracking it with flying colours.

Sunil a daily wager said with great emotion “what Anand Sir is doing for the poor is something only messiah can do. I will try to follow in his footsteps.” Yes this great man is a dream come true for many IIT aspirants form the poorer section. They look up to him with respect and admiration. Who in today’s times who will care to look after the ill trodden? It’s only a man with the heart of gold and this just so aptly describes Anand Kumar.

Be it the vegetable vendor, a cobbler, road side sweeper or any others Anand Kumar has left no stone unturned to help and support them. But why is this man lending out a helping hand to such an extent? This is because as a child Anand too saw poverty in the face and experienced hardships where he couldn’t get proper education. Thus he vowed to help those who were unfortunate.

Dhananjay Kumar sat at his fathers grocer shop with the spirit that he would sell vegetables to earn that Rs 50 for the Super 30 application form. But he was so deperate that he actually stole the money to fulfil his dream. He finally made history by qualifying for IIT.

From Uttar Pradesh we have Mani Ram Singh whose father could not afford treatment for his paralytic attack. Yet his son was determined to get to IIT and made efforts towards it. He too was one of the qualifiers.

Sudhir a cobbler’s son from Nalanda District says how he sat with his father to help out. He tells us about one incident. “One day, I polished shoes of a man and when I asked for money, he abused me and walked away. I was angry but my father told me to calm down and said that the best way to take revenge was to acquire real power through education,”

These are the stories of unsung heroes who made it to the top through the one and only Super 30 without which their dream would only be a idle dream and not a reality. But the real hero is Anand Kumar who is the trailblazer of Super 30.Kudos to him and his team!

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