Study plan for JEE Main

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The 2013 JEE Mains and Advanced exams have been completed and despite the discrepancies about normalization of marks, the new pattern is here to stay. Thus, if you are planning to appear for JEE 2014 or 2015, it is time to formulate a study plan for JEE Main.

As most students start preparing for  JEE right after the 10th class boards or when  they are in their 11th, it helps  them get more time to revise the concepts before diligently preparing for the JEE syllabus.

The first step needs to be to stay organized and maintain a strict schedule of the hours that you intend to study. This helps you stay on track and even though you’ll need some time off to de-stress and for recreation, it is important that study schedule should be adhered to ensure you cover the complete JEE syllabus.

Set a schedule and plan your progress: Make your schedule and ensure that you mark the dates of the board exams/annual exams, and JEE examination dates so that you know how many days or weeks you have. Mark the dates of mock exams, and make sure that you give equal time for all the three subjects equally.

Be aware of the JEE syllabus: Most of the students start with the assumption that only 11 and 12 class topics will be covered in the JEE syllabus. But even though that is a part of the syllabus, there are numerous other topics that are relevant.

Plan daily activities: It is essential to have a schedule for your study and daily activities. Make sure that you have some time to relax, sleep and eat. A stress-free mind is capable of grasping better so sleep is essential but cut down time spent on TV, talking with friends and other not- important tasks.

Study systematically: allocate equal time to all subjects and study simultaneously. If you are putting in 2 hours for physics, allocate equal number of hours for mathematics and chemistry. Do not try to study one subject for 10 days and then switch over to another subject for the next 10 days.

Stay organized: This is another important aspect of studying for IIT JEE. A cluttered desk and messy room isn’t the right environment to stay on schedule. Take time off for a few minutes and ensure that the room you study in is organized with all your books and notes in the right place. This is will ensure that you can find your books, notes and DVDs in time.

Don’t laze: One of the biggest vice of students is procrastination or delaying the studies for another day. But consider that each minute you lose wasting time is only going to affect you and no one else. You only have 2 years to study well to get admitted to any IIT so don’t waste any time and start today.

Amrita Verma

I am a MBA Graduate, Creative thinker, blogger . Guiding student preparing for JEE for over 5 years. Have worked in Bansal Classess Kota from 2008 to 2013. In these 5 years I have understood much about What JEE is and What it takes to be an IITian. You can follow me on Google

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