Taking too Long to Solve Questions for IIT JEE ?

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Quality matters over quantity. This advice is often given to people in all walks of life. But, when it comes to the IIT JEE, both matter in equal measure. The competitive nature of the exam is such that often there are students who are not able to crack the exam even after each question they attempted was correct. This is the reason why time management is such a key component of the preparations for JEE. The Kaysons’ Make Me IITian package is designed specifically to make sure that you can effectively manage your time for each topic and question and ace the JEE. Here are the advantages that the students registering for this program are bound to get:

  1. Unlimited Questions

IIT JEE Question bank

With the Make Me IITian package, students get to practice as many questions as they want, without having to worry about running out of questions. It is often said that practice makes man perfect. This package is designed to help you attain perfection.

  1. Doubt Clearing

IIT JEE  Doubts-clearing

A large number of doubts come with the large number of questions attempted in this package. Students have the full freedom to ask n number of doubts and the Kaysons expert faculty will be happy to answer them all.

  1. Time Management


Knowing exactly how much time should ideally be spent on certain questions goes a long way in managing the time to be taken during the exam. That is exactly what you get with this program. Every question in the unlimited question bank available with this package comes with the stipulated time duration, helping you time yourself for all the topics.

  1. Adaptive Learning


The adaptive learning feature of the Make Me IITian package has been designed to suit the individual needs of every student. Easier questions are given to you for the topics that you are weak in and the difficulty level gradually increases based on your performance in the said topic. This system literally grows with you.

  1. Chapter Wise Grading


After practicing the questions, students are provided chapter wise grading, helping you find the chapters that need to be worked on. Once the grading is done, students can go back and attempt the questions for the chapters that need to be worked on and improved.

  1. Rank Prediction


Based on your performance with each chapter, the Kaysons Make Me IITian program also predicts the rank you can expect to achieve in the JEE. This option helps you improve your preparation levels by providing the realistic position in terms of the exam.

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