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Wrong learning: Are your teachers teaching you the right information or not!

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Wrong learningThe educational world is moving at a fast pace and teachers are getting more qualified than before. But the question is that in spite of their high educational qualification are they actually teaching students the correct information or not?  Is their method of teaching really helping the students get those super grades or are they encouraging rote learning without comprehension of the subject. Will the students benefit from this kind of education and be competitive in the profit driven world or will they succumb to poor education.

The answer to all this is a big no. Nowadays teachers are not equipped to teach the students correctly. But why is this so? This is so because they follow the wrong text books and irrelevant syllabus. The matter they teach is poorly written and authored by mediocre people. These text books lack content that is in keeping with the times. They are actually obsolete but are still used in the class room.

wrong learningA very funny example of wrong information given in books is this English text book that can be quoted as follows: “The Moon-uncle is telling. Come on to my surface and see from the edge.” Now this is very poor English but the fact is that it is being taught to the students on a daily basis. So you can see what poor quality of education is imparted by teachers in schools.

In some books they have quoted that all south Indians are Madrasis. These kinds of comments can be detrimental to the student’s impressionable psyche and he might form a wrong view point. In another instance a book was found saying “People in east India wear clothes above ankle as there is more rainfall. Ladies wear sari in a peculiar manner.” So there is no end to errors or biased information in these text books that all teachers rely on.

With the above information we need to also find a solution  to this problem. Now do away with incompetent teachersWrong learning and obsolete text books. You can brighten your future by taking the right step. What you need is something extra. Other than going to school or college you need to enroll with a good tutorial institute that will give you an edge over others.

What are the benefits of such an institute? Firstly a good institute will teach you basics of your syllabus in a fun manner. They will make sure that you comprehend what you are studying instead of relying on rote learning. Their online presence will allow you to access them anywhere, anytime. They have infinite online doubt clearing sessions and yes the faculty are all well trained highly qualified people. Their 2D and 3D animation series will clear concept in an unforgettable manner.

Kaysons education will impart all of the above in a sure shot manner. Their educational method is unbeatable and will take you on the path to success. So you don’t have to give up hope, fill your life with joy as Kaysons education is the answer to all your educational problems. Take a step ahead and win with Kaysons!

Amrita Verma

I am a MBA Graduate, Creative thinker, blogger . Guiding student preparing for JEE for over 5 years. Have worked in Bansal Classess Kota from 2008 to 2013. In these 5 years I have understood much about What JEE is and What it takes to be an IITian. You can follow me on Google

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