Techniche Events —2014

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Is technical education all about studies with no entertainment? Can there be no entertainment in the leading campuses like the IITs. To relieve the students of the stress it becomes necessary to hold certain events that come within the ambit of their curriculum. Every technical institute therefore plays host to some event that has the willful participation of the students of that college and those who are studying in similar educational institutions. Indian Institute of Technology,

Guwahati, therefore plays host to a techfun event called the ‘Techniche’ held from 4th September to 7th September 2014. Fellow college students along with several schoolchildren take part in a carnival that goes on for three days on an average in this festival. Techniche has been thrown as a challenge to the aspiring students of IIT, Guwahati and the others who are taking part to acquire those skills that form a part of this gala fete. The students of this premier institute in Guwahati take excruciating pains to ensure that this has widespread participation from students all across the country.

Techniche gets broken down into several small events designed to meet the requirements of the aspiring students of Engineering. This is also event where various students pursuing their intermediate studies participate and showcase their mettle.

The different events that are a part of Pre Techniche are as under –


Technothlon is an event for the budding talents. This is a platform at the international level for theTechnothlon students from class nine to twelfth to prove their class and substance. Staying above the standard text based questions; this probes the awareness and the thought process in the young minds. This event is being conducted on a very large scale. The prelims are held in 200 centres on 13th July 2014. The candidates who meet the benchmark are carried through to Techniche where the final winner is decided.

Wake Up and Vote

wake up and voteIt has been perceived that the younger generation has been losing trust over the political process in the country. In order to instill confidence among the students and to make them participate in the democratic process of voting, Techniche has brought forth the wake up and vote event.

Guwahati Half Marathon

In contrast to the Technothlon, this is a test to prove for the participants to test theirmarathon physical endurance and stamina. With two events like the 6 KM race and the 21 KM long run, the participants have prize money of 1 lakh ahead of them. This big event encompasses all of Guwahati and has a celebrity to flag it off.


EscaladeIn the month of July, a robotic championship is held at 11 cities in the country as a preliminary contest to the Escalade. The teams with the best robots get a chance to highlight their building skills during the Techniche.

The main Techniche event held at the Guwahati campus commences i.e. the events during TECHNICHE with a series of lectures with the speakers of international repute broadcasting their views. A corporate module makes for an interaction between successful executives and the budding students. Funtopia is another event that gives the students to showcase their additional interests and hobbies such as photography, quizzing, speedcubing etc. In all, Techniche is an event that not only bridges students from India and abroad but works to spread a good camaraderie between the campus inmates and the local community.

For Pre Techniche events   CONTACT :MOHIT KANDOI-8011217454

For events during Techniche  CONTACT:POORVI VIJAY: 8011199726

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