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Techniche festival kick-starts in IIT Guwahati

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The sixteenth edition of the annual techno-management festival of IIT Guwahati-Techniche is back with a bang anda greater zeal and enthusiasm. Enthusiasts poured in from different areas of the country to witness this grandeur and a celebration of technology. Students came from over 180 different colleges all over India.

Techniche 2014

Sand Art at Institute Auditorium

The event started with an opening ceremony in the institute auditorium which was decorated by all the dignitaries of IIT Guwahati. Speaking of the importance of such activities in students’ life, the Director said “Such events foster overall development of the students. Apart from their regular workload, it is great to spend some time to enrich their technical and competitive skills on a national platform. This would be a huge benefit for the students of North-east”.

There are many challenging events lined up for the rest of four days and he urged all the college students to pour into IIT Guwahati campus to witness and be a part of this technical extravaganza.

Techniche 2014

Following this was the rock-on concert by the VH1 group which bought in the much needed enthusiasm to keep up for the rest of the days. Liquid drumming was the other event where performers showed their expertise in the fields of drumming and rock bands.

Sand painting was the best amongst the events where the audience were nothing less than exhilarated to have witnessed such grandeur of events. The main aim of the events is toTechniche 2014 enrich the people of northeast with both fun and technology. They bring a new perspective to college.

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