Techniche’14 reaches its zenith on Day 2 – IIT Guwahati

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IIT Guwahati Techniche’14 on Day 2

The second day at Techniche, the annual techno management festival of IIT Guwahati carried on the excitement and fun of Day one and pumped up to its zenith. The day witnessed the final rounds of many events , eloquent speeches from literary events and ended with a classical performance by the India ocean band at night.

Techniche 2014 IIT Guwahati

One of the bots in Robocalypse

The morning was filled with excitement for the Sweden-India Nobel Memorial Quiz organized by the Embassy of Sweden. The quiz, with more than 200 participants, offered the winners a paid trip to Sweden or an internship opportunity for 3rd year college students. The heat was also brought up by the Robocalypse final rounds.

The players , learning their weaknesses and others strength, modified their robots and came up with new tactics to beat the opponents. The final rounds of most of the other robotics events were also organized on Day2 leaving Escalade and Technosia finals to Day3.

The Day 2 initiative event was Platform 101, where the participants came up with new ideas and innovations to improve environment which included efficient transportation, waste management, methods to reduce agricultural chemicals and many other ideas. The events like Bermuda triangle, Cryptography and Easel of Predef module also came a conclusion on IIT Guwahati – Techniche’s day2 .

The industrial conclave started with a great note under  Marten Pieters, MD & CEO of Vodafone India.  His lecture was followed by Vinita Bali, the ex-CEO and MD of Britannia Industries, and workshop by Swapnil Kamat CEO of Work Better India and a training consultant  for some of India’s largest  firms   including   HDFC Bank.

Techniche 2014

Christer Fuglesang during lecture series

The Chief Guest of the Day 2Lecture series was Christer Fuglesang, astronaut of European Space Agency. The corporate Module had Tour De India and Start-up Showcase competitions for the day. The Start-ups got an opportunity to have a networking lunch with the management gurus and other corporate heads attending the festival.

Techniche 2014

BMX cycle stunts

By evening many of the workshops had come to an end. The face of the participants revealed their satisfaction for the workshops, especially those on swarm robotics, ethical hacking and eye robotics.

The cool climate in the evening motivated the visitors to have fun at the sumo wrestling, Velcro wall, paintball and many other fun events under Funniche module.

The Nite was reserved for the much awaited performance of Indian Ocean .Their fusion music was enjoyed by the students, visitors and the faculty members of IIT Guwahati and brought a successful conclusion to a day full of excitement.

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