Time management for JEE Main preparations

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Time management for JEE Mains preparations

Time management for JEE Main preparations

You will hear everybody tell you how hard you will have to study if you decide to take the ambitious JEE Mains exam. Although this is true, you will need to make some concrete plans to carve your way to success. Time management for IIT preparations is one such concrete plan that will help you not just stick to your schedule, but can also pave way for your success.

  1. Make a time table: This is what most of the students do. However, very few stick to their routine. This helps you to give a good amount of time to the subjects that need attention. You would be able to allocate time for the subjects which are difficult or need more time for preparation. Your time table for JEE Main preparations should have a good balance of studies and breaks. Just make sure not to unnecessary extend your breaks for too long and allow yourself a little bit of flexibility.
  2. Prioritize your tasks: An important aspect of time management is prioritizing your daily tasks. For example, if you want to finish a chapter of Chemistry that is pending; you should finish it first thing in the morning. Prioritizing tasks helps you to accomplish your long term goals and helps to work efficiently under pressure.
  3. Make short & long term goals: This will help you to check if you are able to complete your revision and helps you to stick to your schedule. You can make daily, weekly and monthly targets. You will see how much you managed to achieve as planned. Try to make these goals and according to your capacity and make achievable goals.
  4. Balance time for studies & recreation: Most of the students keep aside time for their studies. They do not consider keeping time aside for their hobby or sport while preparing for exams. Studies indicate that physical activity helps to keep your brain alert as it increases the blood supply to the brains and all parts of the body. It also keeps you physically fit and makes you happy. You get to bust stress very easily; something most of the students are unable to cope with.
  5. Keep plan B ready: Make sure to keep another plan ready in case your first plan fails. For example, if you plan to study at night but are unable to do so because of power cut, you should know how to cover for that time. This too is a very good way to keep abreast of the schedule.

Time management for IIT preparations will definitely help you to prepare for your exams. It will help to focus on your studies, keep a check if you are efficient and if you are on schedule. You will have sufficient time to revise for the second and third time. You will also be able to stop wasting your time and utilize it to the fullest. Remember these precious moments spent working for long hours can help shape your future and guide your career in the right direction.

Gajanan Sapate

Apart from being an IITian (IIT K), I am a thinker, observer and a blogger by passion. I like to write about the user behavior, education and students concerns.

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  1. June 20, 2013

    you should not undermine the importance of self-study. Keeping aside a major chunk of your time for self-study has several benefits. Take a look at the advantages of effective self-study for IIT-JEE

  2. July 25, 2013

    […] Time management plays a vital role in a student’s life .It should not be wasted sitting in front of the idiot box or  on the computer screen updating your status on facebook. Devote your attention wholeheartedly towards the forthcoming competition. Make your time table. Practice and revise the concepts religiously. […]

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