Self-Study Tips for IIT-JEE Main & Advance Exam

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Self-study is fast emerging as a method of preparation preferred among students over joining a coaching class for preparation for the Joint Entrance Examination. This trend was confirmed by a recent study from IIT Delhi, which showed that 52% of the students who managed to crack the JEE opted for self-study. While it may seem to be a daunting task for some, a few basic steps can go a long way in helping you crack India’s premier engineering exam through self-study. Here are tips that will help you keep up, or even stay ahead of, the masses that have opted to join the coaching institutes:

Time Management:


Have a complete study plan for JEE

While self-study allows you to study at your pace and your strengths and weaknesses, it is also essential that you set up a routine in order to stay disciplined throughout your preparation. Along with a setting a routine to manage your time effectively, you can also get the Kaysons’ organized timetable for JEE Mains, which provides a division of the complete syllabus in to 440 lectures. This timetable makes it easier for the students plan each day with greater ease.

Study Material:

Study Material

Apart from the books and the reference books, students can add to their preparation with professionally prepared study material. Kaysons online study material helps you prepare every single detail of the vast syllabus.

Video Lectures:

JEE Video Lectures

A little guidance is always helpful and that is exactly what you get by signing up for Kaysons online video lectures for IIT JEE. Every topic is covered by experienced teachers and the best part is, you can access any of these lectures at any time according to the study schedule you have made for the preparation.

Test Yourself:


It is one thing to be able to solve all the problems. It is a whole different thing to be able to solve those problems in stipulated time. Every student opting for self-study needs to ensure that he/she practices the questions for every topic and also takes the online tests. Kaysons National Tests allow you to measure your preparation levels against that of students from across the country, helping you make sure that you work on your weaknesses.

Strike a Balance:

 studies for both JEE and school

studies for both JEE and school


Having decided to prepare through self-study, it is important to make sure that you find the right balance between your studies for both JEE and school along with finding some time for relaxing. Ensure that your favorite leisure activity is included in your schedule. This helps you maintain great productivity levels.

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