Ten Tips to Crack IIT JEE 2017 by IIT JEE Toppers

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IIT JEE is like a battle for aspirants. If you are a warrior then just ready to become a winner in this toughest battle. It is a fact that to crack IIT JEE is such a daunting task and everybody does not have guts to secure a good rank in this tricky entrance exam. Over 15 lakh candidates appear in IIT JEE entrance exam per year. Experts reveal that you have to start your preparation for this exam as early as.

The 10 basic self-verified dimensions of preparation shared by IIT JEE Toppers would certainly assist you decide your preparation for any competitive exam :

IIT JEE 2017

  1. Make a perfect study plan and try to follow it strictly. You should give 4 to 5 hours to your all subjects – Chemistry, Maths and Physics. But, don’t forget to add some little breaks for some relaxation. Little break is equally important.
  2. Make a timetable which should have the same distribution of time for every subject. You have to make a sensible and organized time plan for IIT JEE 2017 preparation.
  3. Positive attitude always a best key of success. You have to keep positive thoughts and optimistic attitude in your mind while preparing for IIT JEE 2017.
  4. Try to start your preparation from basics. Without any knowledge of the basics, you can’t solve advanced level questions.
  5. Mental stability plays a major role. Every candidate needs to be calm, peaceful & well prepared for any kind of problem which you can experience within the next two years of your IIT JEE 2017 preparation.
  6. Take help from good books. Do not get overburden to buy heavy and useless books. There are many good books available in the marketplace which are good for IIT JEE preparation.
  7. Revision is must. Candidate of IIT JEE 2017 have to finish their revision at least twice for a good result.
  8. Take a sound sleep. It is actually extremely important that you should take at least 7 to 8 hours sleep while preparing for IIT JEE 2017. A lack of sleep you can feel irritated, lazy, sleepy and frustrated throughout the day.
  9. Consume healthy food. Yes, one should eat healthy and wholesome food. Say no to junk foods because they can make you lazy.
  10. Be regular with exercise. Workout on a regular basis can keep you active and vibrant whole day. You can also try some yoga posses because they help improve your concentration power while preparing for competitive exam.

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  1. Sampada says:

    Good article. I initially joined a famous coaching for JEE in Kota but there I was feeling very homesick and depressed. Then I joined coaching institute in my own city Indore and I’m really feeling positive. You mentioned it correctly that mental stability plays a major role.


    All the above mentioned points have been really helpful for me. For time management even my coaching classes helped a lot. Thankyou classes and the article too 🙂

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