Tips and Tricks on How to Crack JEE Advanced

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With exams round the corner most of you should have completed your syllabus if not we advise you to get any one of video for topics remaining and complete the syllabus on your own rather than waiting to be completed in class since it already too late.

Tips and Tricks on how to crack JEE Advanced

No shortcut to success other than practicing the more you practice the better.

A mistake commonly made my students is that they focus on understanding the theory well the time for that is over now you need to focus on what you know and try to improve on that.

How can we help? At Kaysons Education we provide you over 30000 questions to practice along with their video solutions.

Theory followed by questions solving will help you remember thing longer.

Just studied projectile motions and you think now you can move forward to the next topic. STOP this way you cannot achieve success in JEE you need something. You need to practice at least 15 questions for that topic before going further.

How can we help? We have divided the complete syllabus in 440 lectures and for each lecture we provide you with assignment to practice questions online along with their video solutions. Each assignment consist of 15 questions from that lecture.

One hour rule: take a 10 min break after 1 hr to improve performance.

According to a research conducted by various researchers on can focus 100% for just 20 min. (source Wikipedia). As you proceed further you concentration reduce to almost 30% within 1 hours and it is no point sitting and day dreaming so get up and take a break.

How can we help? All the videos provided by Kaysons are divided with each lecture being of 30 min. so you can give full attention

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