Top 10 Tips for the IIT JEE Entrance Exam

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Most of the students planning on appearing for IIT JEE start preparing early but those who start their preparations in 12th class may find it difficult to cope with their CBSE or ICSC board examinations and IIT JEE exams. The level of competition is high as thousands of students every year sit from the exams, you need to be prepared and qualify as the very best to be selected into an IIT. Here are some top 10 tips to clear IIT JEE entrance exam:

  1. Consult the Syllabus: Make sure that you have the latest syllabus with you and before you start with the JEE Main Preparation. Consult it before you begin a new topic so that your efforts are not wasted. 
  1. Clear Fundamentals and Concepts: It is best to start with the basics and make sure your fundamentals are clear before you begin on the more complex physics, chemistry or mathematic problems.  
  1. Try, Try and Try Again: It is best to find the solution of a problem by constant practice instead of looking it up in your reference books.  Even if you cannot get it correct the first time, keep trying until you get it right or at least look up the solution page only after trying it a few times. 
  1. Complete the Question: It is best that you systematically complete the questions and try not to jump from one question to another and leave them incomplete. 
  1. Plan Your Timing: Make sure you time your speed. As there are many questions in the exam, it is best if you can divide your time properly as not to miss any question. Time management is important. 
  1. Apply Reasoning and Logic: Don’t panic. Do not just read the question and start answering but take a moment to think, reason and them write what is asked in it. Think about the solution before you jot down the answers. 
  1. Solve Different Types of Questions: Though it makes sense to solve a minimum of 50 questions per topic, it is better if you try to solve problems that require different formulae and concepts. 
  1. Do Not Memorize: It is impossible to memorize solutions so try to understand the basic fundamentals and clarify your concepts. However, remember the formulas by constant practice so you are quick to analyze and answer the question. 
  1. Self-Study and Online Guidance: It is better to enroll in self-study program with 24/7 online assistance such a Kayson’s Education than try to do it all on your own. With experts available to answer your queries, student interaction forums and lessons recorded on CDs, you do not have to commute but get the best assistance at home. 
  1. Practice Last Year’s Question Papers: By practicing last few years question will get you a fair idea about the level of difficulty and the type of questions that can be asked. Make sure that you complete a mock-test using such question papers to time your speed for completion of the paper. 

If you have any queries regarding IIT Online Coaching preparations then comment your questions below or simply visit ‘Ask your problem‘ section.

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