The Topics for JEE covered by Kaysons Education

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Topics for JEE Preparations

Below are the Topics for JEE which are very important for students to have a good command on. We have covered the topics in our Video for JEE students can use them for better understanding of the topics.

It is advisable to all the student to take a printout of the topics and keep it handy. After each topic is over you can cross it to make it complete. More over it is advised that all the topics in bold should be done at least four times before you give your exams.

Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Sets, Relations and Functions(Introduction) Physical World and Measurement Some basic Concepts of Chemistry
Logarithms Kinematics Redox Reactions
Complex Numbers Laws of Motion Equivalence Concept
Quadratic Equations Work, Energy and Power States of Matter
Sequences and Series Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Atomic Structure
Trigonometry Gravitation Classification of elements and periodicity
Straight Lines and Family of Straight Lines Mechanics of Solids and Fluids Chemical Bonding
Circles Heat and Thermodynamics Thermodynamics and Thermo chemistry
Conic Sections Oscillations Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium
Permutations and Combinations Waves Chemical Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry
Binomial Theorem Electrostatics Extraction of elements
Exponential and Logarithmic Series Current Electricity Hydrogen
Vectors Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism s-Block Elements
Three-Dimensional Geometry Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current p-Block Elements
Matrices and Determinants Electromagnetic Waves Solid State
Probability Optics Solutions
Functions, Limits and Continuity Dual Nature of Matter and X rays Electrochemistry
Differentiation Modern Physics d- and f- Block elements
Applications of Derivatives Coordination compounds & organometallics
Indefinite Integrals Surface Chemistry
Definite Integrals Organic Chemistry – Basic Principles
Differential Equations Hydrocarbons
Maxima and Minima Alkyl and Aryl halides
Area under the curves Alcohols and Phenols
Inverse trigonometric functions Aldehydes and Ketones
Carboxylic acids and Derivatives
Amines and other Nitrogen containing compounds
Carbohydrates and Amino acids
Qualitative Analysis

Note: Topics which are highlighted with bold color most important. 

Kaysons Education

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