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Wake up and Vote Campaign by Techniche 2014 – IIT Guwahati

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In every democratic setup like India, it is rudimentary for any citizen enjoying the fruits of democracy to nurture the plant responsible for it. With so many political parties and rulers claiming for fame and power coming up every day around every corner of the country, it becomes highly crucial for every civilian to exercise his basic right provided by democratic constitution THE RIGHT TO VOTE. Not every sea is serene, neither is every politician a good leader. Either the future and development prospects of an emerging country or the sustainability of a developed country all depends on the judgment given by the voters on the Election Day. Hence it is of utmost importance for any democratic nation to have its people take part in voting and Elections. Identifying this dire need and keeping in mind the impact of youth and vote upon the prosperity and development of nation,Techniche – IIT Guwahati has come up with a national campaign which aims at enlightening the citizens of India about the right to vote and the basic procedure that goes into exercising the Right to vote.


Wake up and vote major objective is to enhance the vote percentage in India which is presently very disheartening.Wake up and vote Even after 60 years of Independence, hardly 60% of the population in India deliver their vote, the prime reason being lack of awareness and enthusiasm among the people. As an educated portion of the society, we feel responsible to make people aware about the necessity to vote and its impact in nation building. This social initiative started off in Guwahati on 18th November and received enormous support from the public and local media. Wake up and vote had spread awareness and the word that voting builds healthier nation and better democracy. Many people showed their consent and signed the pledges given by us and promised to vote for the upcoming elections. A similar camp is being organised in < CITY NAME> as well.

Any citizen above the age of 18 can vote and choose his leader. In the entire duration of the campaign, we will be strictly apolitical and our mission is very specific and that is to mobilize youth to step out of their home and vote.

 To support this noble cause and to volunteer Right to vote campaign in </ CITY NAME> contact A.B.R.Bharadwaj at +918486263713 and they will get in touch with you.

As a wise man once said, “The greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

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