When to start IIT JEE Exam Preparation ?

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If you aim to study in an IIT, you might want to start as early as possible and most parents put in their best for their children to excel in the engineering exams. But if you are wondering when you should start studying for it, it is best to start your preparations early. Most students and parents are confused about the best time to start IIT preparation and we can only say that it is best to start as early as you can. It is never advised to start your IIT-JEE preparations in 12th as you won’t be able to cope with the board exams and IIT together. But we do not mean that you should start with the preparations in your 8th class either. It is better to get your fundamentals cleared early on so you can build a solid conceptual foundation for the later preparations.

However, the best time to initially start preparing is after your 10th class as they have ample time to get the concepts cleared and the pressure for board examinations is not there. But it is not necessary to directly enroll in an IIT-JEE preparation classes to ensure success in the entrance examination. You need to have the right books, regular study hours, study material and guidance of the best teachers to put you on the right path. You can start with getting all of the information that you can about the JEE exam, which includes the latest information on the format, statistics and syllabus. This will help you plan properly for the future including knowing about the minimum cut-off percentage for the engineering specializing that you plan on doing.

Most students excel at IIT-JEE kick-start their preparations with revisions of basic concepts and ensure that they are ahead of the others. It is best to consider JEE and other entrance exams as a race so it is bets to be steady and slow in the beginning, covering all aspects of the subjects instead of rushing over them in a hurry. Even if you start studying two to three hours everyday, you have a better chance than those who start to prepare in their 12th class. However, it is best that later on you select an IIT-JEE coaching institute as that gives you more discipline but you can also select IIT-JEE self-study with 24/7 support of experts in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

But do not just depend upon your coaching institute and the mock exams that they give because self-study is very important. In the end, it is your own hard work, aptitude and discipline that will count. Self-study is an important part of getting a good rank in IIT-JEE or at least qualifying in it. Though recently, the JEE format has changed, it is best to keep yourself updated on the latest examination patterns and scores. You can contact any IIT, reputed coaching center or an online JEE support center. Cracking the JEE is not easy and you need to do your best to get through the exam and complete your engineering.


Gajanan Sapate

Apart from being an IITian (IIT K), I am a thinker, observer and a blogger by passion. I like to write about the user behavior, education and students concerns.

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  1. Rajat says:

    Everyday practice is the best to crack your JEE exams, I was in catalyseR and the coaching class used to urge us to give atleast an hour or two to our subjects even after going home and that helped me a lot and could easily crack my JEE exams.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Abhishek Iyer says:

    This is absolutely right that one should not be fully dependent on coaching classes but to some extent, you rely on coaching classes. I am an IIT ranker and initially I was studying by myself. As it didn’t work, I joined institute. Coaching help you prevent from getting lost and confused.

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