Workshops, Techniche 2014

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IIT Guwahati with Kaysons

IIT Guwahati’s techno-management festival brings to the ever inquisitive minds of north-east India, an assorted platter of workshops during the first weekend of September. This time, like every year, the students would have a chance to get exposed to some of the leading technologies which can be witnessed in India.

Techniche 2014 has 9 workshops on offer. Also for the first time in the north- east we will witness KUKA’s creme de la creme of the industrial world.

Techniche 2014 has 9 workshops on offer. They include Swarm Robotics, BiPed, EyeBotics for the robotics aficionados. For the computer geeks, Techniche has Cloud Computing, Ethical Hacking & Cyber Forensics and the all-time favourite Android workshop. And off the beaten path, if you wish to make that perfect CV or if you wish to learn the nitty-gritties of securing an internship, Techniche has Twenty19’s internship workshop. Also for the first time in the north- east we will witness KUKA’s creme de la creme of the industrial world.


The Agilus KR-6 robot in action in a workshop of its own. Also, Techniche gives you a rare chance in a workshop wherein a vehicle would be taken down to bits, and every part of it explained.

Being a part of such workshops would enrich students in the best way possible. The certificates which would be provided after the successful completion of the workshop would be an added bonus.

These workshops range from one day to all the three days. The participation fees vary from workshop to workshop but lie between INR 1000 to INR 1500. Eager students will have to register for the limited seats beforehand.

All the details regarding these workshops could be found by under the workshops tab. For any queries, interested participants should reach out to Ajay Kumar(9085596511), Ameya Sawant(8473995729), Anuj Khare(9085594556).

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