It is worth spending on IIT JEE video lectures

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IIT JEE Video Lectures are a great way to cover up for missed lectures, forgotten concepts, going ahead of the class and revision for JEE. The biggest advantage they have is the confidence a student get when he knows that if he has not understood a topic he has an option to learn it something other than books.


It is worth spending on iit jee video lectures.

As one of our student rightly send

Kaysons is a Book which speak and explains the topics

Imagine the amount of confidence you will have when you know that if you are not able to understand a topic in class you can  understand the topic with the help of videos. When we asked student if they knew about Nomenclature 90% of the students were confused. Student can use our videos to learn that.

Do not compare them to IIT JEE coaching

Even if you have joined coaching you do not remember what was taught to you 2 months back.

Just like books video lectures are with you always and you can view the videos lectures multiple times to understand the topic.

2nd time viewing the same videos

90% of your doubts are cleared when you watch the videos for the second time.

Most of the student believe that viewing the same video 2nd time will be no use, 1st time you watch the videos you will understand 20% of the subject but if you watch it for the second time you will understand 80%. We advice every student to watch it at least twice. This is the same time which happens in the class as well if you 1st study the topic in school and again in coaching or via versa you understand that topic much better.

Covering up for Missed lecture and forgotten concepts

90% of the student could not even tell us how many type of Nomenclature are they in organic chemistry. This is like learning English without knowing ABC.

No matter how sincere student you are missing a lecture or forgetting concepts can not be avoided. You can watch the topic in our videos rather than waiting for extra class or trying to understand from books or even trying to understand from a friend who have half understood the topic.

If you still believe that JEE video Lecture are of no importance please mention a topic below and we will send you a sample of that topic.


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