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Questions for Vector and 3d Geometry  for JEE

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Important Topics in Vector and 3d Geometry  for IIT JEE

Vectors (Topic Weightage : 6 %)

  • Null vector, Unit vector, Like/Unlike vectors, Parallel vectors, Position vector, Collinear vectors, Coplanar vectors, Co-initial vectors, Free vectors, Localised vectors, Equal vectors, Polygon law of addition, Section Formula, Components of a Vector, Co linearity of Vectors,Cross Product of two Vectors, Scalar Triple Product, Tetrahedron,

Three Dimensional Co-ordinate System (Topic Weightage : 5 %)

  • Three Dimensional Co-ordinate System, Distance Formula, Section Formula, Ratio’s of a Vector, Direction Ratios, Directions cosines, Straight Line, Cartesian equation Skew Lines.

Plane (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

  • Plane, Equation of a plane, Vector equation, Cartesian form, Cartesian equivalence, Intersection of Plane, Vector form, Two Sides of a Plane.Distance of a Point from a Plane,

Sphere (Topic Weightage : 1 %)

  • Equation of a sphere, four non-coplanar points.