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Questions for Modern Physic  for JEE

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Important Topics in Modern Physics  for IIT JEE

Atomic Physics (Topic Weightage : 5 %)

  • The Nuclear Atom, The Bohr Model, Rutherford Scattering, Ionisation Energy.
  • Line Spectra, De Broglie Waves, Spectral Series for H – Atom, 1. Lyman Series, 2. Balmer Series, 3. Paschen Series, 4. Bracket Series, 5. Pfund Series, 6. Humphery Series,
    X –Ray, De – Broglie wavelength, Duane – Hunt rule, Moseley’s Law for Characteristic Spectrum,
  • Emission of electrons

Nuclear Physics(Topic Weightage : 5 %)

  • Radioactivity, Decay Law, Radioactive Dating. Equivalence of mass and energy  , Binding energy and nuclear stability, Nuclear fission, Nuclear Fusion, 

Electronics (Topic Weightage : 5 %)

  • Solids and Semiconductor, Crystalline, Amorphous, Insulators and Semiconductors, band theory, Semiconductor Devices, Logic Gates, Truth Table, Boolean Expression, 

Alternating Current (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

  • Phasors and Alternating Currents, Resistance and Reactance, AC circuit, Choke Coil.

Board Level (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

  • Davisson Germer Experiment, Electron Diffraction, Nuclear Reactors, Communications, Basic Components of a Communication System, Modulation, Modulation Factor, Fax, Television Signals Propagations, Height of transmitting antenna, C.R.O Tube, Wilson Cloud Chamber,