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Questions for Waves & Fluid Mechanics  for JEE

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Important Topics in Waves & Fluid Mechanics  for IIT JEE

Fluid Mechanics (Topic Weightage : 5 %)

  • Density, Pressure, Pascal’s Law, Absolute pressure, Gauge pressure, Buoyancy, Archimedes's principle states, The Continuity Equation, Bernoulli’s Equation, Turbulence,
    Surface Tension, Capillarity, Viscosity

Waves (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

  • Mechanical Waves, Periodic Waves, Wave Function Longitudinal wave, Sound Waves, Boundary Conditions, The Principle of Superposition, The Doppler Effect

Simple Harmonic Motion (Topic Weightage : 5 %)

  • Simple Harmonic Motion, Pendulum

Gravitation and Satellite (Topic Weightage : 1 %)

  • Newton's Law of Gravitation, The Motion of Satellites, Kepler’s first Law, Kepler’s second Law