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JEE is the short form of the Joint Entrance Examination, which is the name of the national-level entrance examination that is designed for undergraduate students to start with their graduation. Being the first entrance test for the students after they are through with their Class 12 results, JEE is really one of the examinations that are tough to conquer, and this is why hundreds of thousands of students look apprehensively towards sitting for the JEE exam.

The JEE exam occurs in 2 phases and has got two different regulatory authorities managing them. Besides, the sets of colleges are also different for the qualified students of the JEE. However, the fact that JEE decides the fate of a student’s career is absolutely true. Yes, the examination truly stands crucial in the career of an Indian student.


JEE Exam

Previously known as


Core subjects

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics


Admission of the students to various Undergraduate engineering and technical courses across colleges


3 hours for each paper and 6 hours in a day




Twice a year (JEE Mains) and once a year (JEE Advanced)


Electronic Assessment

A Closer Look at the JEE 2025 for Class 10 Students

JEE 2025 is another installment of the JEE exam, which the students will be appearing in the year 2025. Though it may seem a bit early for the students to start preparing for the JEE 2025 exam, it is absolutely necessary, mind it.

Contrary to other examinations, the JEE exam needs to be prepared a bit early. This gives the students an understanding of the examination in full and will drive them to qualify for the Joint Entrance Examination with flying colors. Therefore, while talking about JEE 2025 may seem like we are going too far, it’s not true, and it will not be late till you will discover that you have to make yourself, your child or your students understand that it is important they should start with JEE 2025 from now onwards.

The students who would be appearing for JEE 2025 are currently 10th graders, as of 2022. Yes, these Class 10 students would be mature enough to be sitting for the JEE 2025 in the coming years. However, they should be well seasoned in the best of ways to ensure a good performance in the JEE 2025. The JEE 2025 foundation is important for the students in order to help them get the right direction towards the Joint Entrance Examination.

Why should the students of Class 10 start prepare for JEE 2025 from now on?

If you are still wondering about making yourself, your child, or your students realize why they should start with JEE 2025 preparations now, then here are some valid reasons for that, which you simply cannot unsee:

The Class 10 students can be fully prepared

Starting with a JEE 2025 foundation will help the Class 11 students be well prepared in order to face an exam as crucial as JEE, without any fears or anxiety. The students, till they sit for the JEE 2025, would be fully ready with all the answers to almost kind of any questions that the question paper might come with.

They will be beyond any exam fear

Exam fear is huge and is always a major deterrent seen for the students. This fear of examinations, which sometimes also seems like phobia, discourages the students from sitting in the examination. However, the students who are in Class 10, are hardly aware of these complex elements. Therefore, if these students can now be readied with rigorous practice to sit at the JEE 2025, with the help of all-inclusive foundation courses for JEE 2025, then they won’t have to bother at all about the exam fear that is predominant in the students.

They will excel after so many practice sessions

Practice makes students perfect, and when the students go through these many rounds of practice sessions where they will be trained for their JEE exams via mock tests, question papers, and thoroughly right after their 10th grade, they are bound to ace their exams. Kaysons Education would further help the Class 11 students to get the appropriate foundational courses and conquer their JEE 2025 with impressive results and make them stand out from the rest.

The students can enhance their understanding of the exam

The JEE exam is not a piece of cake. It takes months and years of practice, hard work, and the ability to keep calm and solve the toughest of problems for the students. Therefore, with years of practice, and a good understanding of the exam and its patterns, question types, and the hall environment, its seats, seating arrangement, and more, the students can definitely overcome their anxiety and deliver better results in JEE 2025, if they start after their Class 10 exams, and is powered by Kaysons Education.

They can go only for the best methods

Every exam has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, traits, and tips on how to get things right sitting in an examination hall. Here, if one starts preparing way ahead of the exam, then he/she is bound to enjoy an early bird advantage because the particular students are then aware of the examination as a whole and are equipped with the necessary tactic to take it easy and perform doubly well.

JEE 2025 Foundational Courses: How they prove to be relevant for the students of Class 10!

“Foundational courses” by the term itself, indicates courses that are absolutely relevant for a particular subject or an examination, and those that consist of the basis of the subject and help students learn step-by-step. Such courses are also available for the students who will be appearing for the JEE 2025. Yes, Kaysons Education makes foundational courses available for the students who will be sitting for JEE 2025 so that they can continue with them right after their Class 10 board examination.

Foundation Courses JEE 2025: What are the Advantages for Class 10 Students!

The students who are looking to make a career in engineering via engineering or technical courses should certainly be aiming for the JEE exam, and the earlier one realizes it, the better it shall be for them. This is because they can then plan for their JEE exam right after their Class 10 examinations.

Do you know half of the students among those who appear annually for the JEE exam but fail to qualify for it, have started much later than when they should have done it?

Well, Kaysons Education doesn’t want that to happen with you, which is why it has brought the all-new Foundation Courses for JEE 2025 that the students can follow right after they themselves see through their Class 10 board exams. So, if you are also planning to sit for the JEE exams in 2025, then you shouldn’t delay but get onboard now.

Here are some benefits of availing of the Foundation courses for JEE 2025:

  • It will help you gain a strong base or foundation for the JEE 2025.
  • It will guide you with all the basics that you need to know for the examination.
  • You will get the best teachers and teaching faculties.
  • You can avail both regular classes or get everything from the comfort of your home.
  • You can keep all your worries and anxieties at bay with this foundational course for JEE 2025.
  • You can continue following a routine that is proven best for JEE 2025.
  • You will get ample mock tests and question papers to solve.
  • You can balance the course even with your regular school classes.
  • The foundation course would also come with home tuition.
  • The foundation course for JEE 2025 is interactive and supported by comprehensive video lecturers.
  • You can avail the facility of flexible classes.
  • You would get appropriate study materials that will help you juggle your classes and your preparation for JEE 2025 effortlessly.

So, why worry about JEE 2025 when you have a comprehensive foundation course for JEE 2025 from Kaysons Education? Get on board, stay confident and pursue your higher education in your dream college by acing your JEE exam without hassles with Kaysons!


Q. Is JEE tough?

JEE is the first national level entrance examination for undergraduate students, so the Joint Entrance Examination is deemed tough by most of the students who appear for the same. However, if the preparation for JEE begins earlier on, ideally after the Class 10, and is followed up properly by a trusted organization like Kaysons Education, then the difficulty reduces by many levels. Moreover, the Foundation courses for JEE also work wonders when it comes to drastically improve the results.

Q. Are 2 years enough for the students to prepare for JEE exam?

No, 2 years are not sufficient for the students. According to most teachers, successful students and expert professionals, the ideal age to start for the JEE exam is Class 10.

Q. What is a JEE Foundation course by Kaysons Education for the students of Class 10 and others?

A JEE Foundation course, as the term marks, is the course that is designed for the JEE aspirants, which forms the base of the students so that they can build their JEE foundation upon it. Kaysons Education brings a comprehensive, efficient and affordable version of JEE Foundation course for the Class 10 students and others who are looking to appear for the JEE 2025.

Q. What is JEE 2025 Foundation course?

JEE 2025 foundation course can be identified as the foundation course for the students, who are currently in Class 10 and are eager to sit for the JEE 2025.

Q. Where can you opt for the best JEE 2025 Foundation course?

Where can you opt for the best JEE 2025 Foundation course?

Q. How can a Foundation course be helpful for a Class 10 student for JEE 2025?

Foundation courses help the students by forming a strong base of learning and of knowing that they can develop and work out the other parts of their studies too. A JEE foundation course has been mentioned really crucial for the JEE students and with the JEE Foundation course brought by Kaysons Education, the students appearing for the JEE 2025 too can stay out of trouble and can hope to ace their examinations.

Q. When is the best time to prepare for JEE 2025?

The preparation for JEE 2025 should ideally begin after the student completes Class 10. They can then start to avail of the Foundation courses brought to them by Kaysons Education to stay alert, knowledgeable, and updated about the exam and how to study for the same.

Q. What are the advantages of starting with the Foundation courses for JEE 2025 for Class 10 Students from Kaysons Education?

The most prominent advantages of starting with JEE 2025 Foundation courses that are offered by Kaysons Education are:

  • Experienced teachers
  • Flexible classes
  • Home tuitions
  • 24x7 Support
  • Complete self-study package for JEE 2025
  • Regular Mock tests and assessments

Q. How can Class 10 students and others prepare for the JEE 2025?

As JEE is one of the toughest and the most crucial entrance exams for the students, the JEE aspirants need to start preparing as early as possible, ideally after their Class 10 exams. Here’s a set of the best ways for a Class 10 student to prepare for JEE 2025:

  • The student needs to be focused and determined.
  • He/she needs to have a working time-table to study
  • He/she has to have proper study materials
  • The student needs to know his/her syllabus thoroughly
  • He/she should practice each day
  • The student also needs to rest adequately
  • He/she can reach a reputed institute like Kaysons Education for more guidance and better results.