Mixture X = 0.02 mol of  and 0.02 mol of  was prepared in 2 litre of solution

1 litre of mixture X + excess AgNO3 → Y

1 litre of mixture X + excess BaCl2 → Z

Number of moles of Y and Z are


Correct option is

0.01, 0.01

Mixture X will contain 0.02 mol. Br  ions and 0.02 mol  ions in 2 L solution. Hence, 1 L of mixture X will contain 0.01 mol Br  and 0.01 mol  ions. With exces of AgNO3, 0.01 mol of AgBri.e.,Y is formed. With excess of BaCl2,0.01 mol of BaSO4 i.e.,Z is formed