Correct option is



A point source S is centered in front of a 70 cm wide plane mirror. A man starts walking from the source along a line parallel to the mirror at a distance 2L from it.



The size of the face of a dancer is 24 cm ×16 cm. The minimum size of a plane mirror required to see the face of dancer completely by 

(i) one eyed dancer.        (ii) two eyed dancer  

(Distance between the eyes is 4 cm)


A ray of light falls on a plane mirror. When the mirror is turned, about an axis at right angle to the plane of the mirror through 20o, the angle between the incident ray and new reflected ray is 45o. The angle between the incident ray and original reflected ray is


A fluorescent lamp of length 1 m is placed horizontal at a depth of 1.2 m below a ceiling. A plane mirror of length 0.6 m is placed below the lamp parallel to and symmetric to the lamp at a distance 2.4 m from it. The length of the reflected patch of light on the ceiling is


Two plane mirrors are placed parallel to each other. A point object is placed between them. The distance of image formed in one of the mirror is in




Two plane mirrors are parallel to each other and spaced 20 cm apart. A luminous point object is placed between them and 5 cm from one mirror. What are the distances from each mirror of the three nearest images in each?    


If two adjacent walls and the ceiling of a rectangular room are mirror surfaced, then how many images of himself, a man can see?




Two bodies A and B are moving towards a plane with speeds VA and VB respectively as shown in figure. The speed of image of A with respect to the body B is