The Slope Of The Tangent To The Curve Represented By x = t2 + 3t – 8 And Y = 2t2 – 2t – 5 At The Point M (2, –1) Is

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The slope of the tangent to the curve represented by x = t2 + 3t – 8 and y = 2t2 – 2t – 5 at the point M (2, 1) is


Correct option is


We first determine the value of t corresponding to the given value of x andy. From t2 + 3t – 8 = 2, we get t = 2, –5, and from 2t2 – 2t – 5 = –1, we get t = 2, –1. Hence to the given point there corresponds the value t = 2. Therefore, the slope of the tangent at (2, –1) is   




A dynamite blast blows a heavy rock starting up with a launch velocity to 160 m/sec. It reaches a height of s = 160t – 16t2 after t sec. The velocity of the rock when it is 256 m above ground on the way up is


The coordinates of the point P on the curve y2 = 2x3, the tangent at which is perpendicular to the line 4x – 3y + 2 = 0, are given by


The coordinates of points P(xy) lying in the first quadrant on the ellipsex2/8 + y2/18 = 1 so that the area of the triangle formed by the tangent at Pand the coordinate axes is the smallest, are given by


The points(s) on the curve y3 + 3x2 = 12y where the tangent is vertical is(are)


The equation of the common tangent to the curves y2 = 8x and xy = –1 is 



If ab > 0 then the minimum value of  


The curve y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + 8 touches x – axis at P(2, 0) and cuts they – axis at a point Q where its gradient is 3. The value of a, b, c are respectively


If the tangent at (1, 1) on y2 = x(2 – x)2 meets the curve again at P, is


The tangent to the curve 

At the point corresponding to  is


The points of contact of the vertical tangents to x = 2 – 3 sinθ,  y = 3 + 2 cos θ are