An X-rays photon of wavelength  and frequency v collides with an electron and bounces off. If  are respectively the wavelength and frequency of the scattered photon, then


Correct option is

Due to collision, the energy of the scattered photon will be less than that of the incident photon an some energy is lost in the collision. Now . Thus if E decreases v decreases and  increases. Hence 



An X-ray photon has a wavelength of 0.02 Å. Its momentum is


The potential difference applied to an X-ray tube is increased. As s result, in the emitted radiation, 


In an X-ray tube, electrons accelerated through a very high potential difference strike a metal target. If the potential difference is increased, the speed of the emitted X-rays  


The operating voltage in an X-ray tube is 10 kV. The maximum energy of the emitted X-ray photons will be 


An X-ray tube is operated at 66 kV. Then, in the continuous spectrum of the emitted X-rays


The minimum wavelength of X-rays produced in an X-ray tube is  when the operating voltage is V. What is minimum wavelength of the X-rays when the operating voltage is ?   


The maximum frequency of X-rays produced in an X-ray tube is v when the operating voltage is V. What is the maximum frequency of the X-rays when the operating voltage is ?   


X-rays are incident normally on a crystal of lattice constant 0.6 nm. The first order reflection on diffraction from the crystal occurs at an angle of 30o. What is the wavelength of X-rays used? 


The wavelength of  line from an element of atomic number 41 is . Then the wavelength of  line of an element of atomic number 21 is 


The binding energy of the innermost electron in tungsten is 40 keV. To produce characteristics X-rays using a tungsten target in an X-ray tube, the accelerating voltage should be greater than