An ultraviolet light of wavelength 2000 Å irradiates a photocell made of molybdenum metal. If the stopping potential is –1.5 V, what is the work function of the metal? Planck’s constant .   


Correct option is

Frequency of incident radiation is




The work function of the metal is 






What is the maximum energy of photoelectrons emitted from the metal. 


The photoelectric threshold for a certain metal surface is 330 Å. What is the maximum kinetic energy of photoelectron released, if any, by a radiation of wavelength 1100 Å ? 


When a point source of light is at a distance of 50 cm from a photoelectric cell, the cut-off voltage is found to be V0. If the same source is placed at a distance of 1 m from the cell, the cut-off voltage will be 


No photoelectrons are emitted from a metal if the wavelength of light exceeds 6000 Å. The work function of the metal is approximately equal to


The threshold wavelength for photoelectric emission from a material is 5200 Å. photoelectrons will be emitted when this material is illuminated with monochromatic radiation from a


The wavelength in air associated with a photon of energy E is (c is the speed of light in air and h is the Planck’s constant)


A metal whose work function is 3.3 eV is illuminated by light ofwavelength . What is the threshold frequency for photoelectric emission? Planck’s constant .


In X-ray tube produces a continuous spectrum of radiation with its short-wavelength end at 0.33 Å. What is the maximum energy of a photon in the radiation? Planck’s constant .


Light of wavelength 3500 Å is incident on two metals A and B whose work functions are 4.2 eV and 1.9 eV respectively. Which metal will emit photoelectrons?