An a.c. voltage V = 200 sin 314t is applied across a series C-R circuit.Where . Find the capacitive reactance.


Correct option is

The angular frequency of the a.c. supply is  and the peak value of the supply voltage is V0 = 200 volt.  

The capacitive reactance of the circuit is  






The electric main in a house is marked 220V-50Hz. Write down the equation for instantaneous voltage.


A sinusoidal voltage V = 200 sin 314t is applied to a  resistor. Find the frequency of the supply.


In an a.c. circuit the peak voltage of supply is 300 V. What is rms voltage? What is mean voltage during a positive half-cycle and for a complete cycle?


 resistor is connected to 220 V-50 Hz a.c. supply. Find rms value of current in the circuit and the net power consumed for a complete cycle.


A 220 V-50 Hz a.c. supply is applied to a 44-mH inductor. What is rmscurrent in the circuit? What is the net power absorbed over a complete cycle?


A 110 V-60 Hz a.c. supply is applied to a  capacitor. What is rms current in the circuit? What is the net power absorbed over a complete cycle?


An alternating voltage E = 200 sin 300t is applied across a series combination of  and L = 800 mH. Calculate the impedance of the circuit.


A coil of inductance 0.50 H and resistance  is connected to a 240 V-50 Hz a.c. supply. What are the maximum current in the coil and the time lag between voltage maximum and current maximum?


An emf E = 100 sin 314t volt is applied across a pure capacitor of 637 . Find the instantaneous current i.


In a series R-C circuit,  V = 100 V and . Find the current in the circuit and the voltage across the capacitor and the resistor. Is the algebraic sum of these voltages more than the source voltage? If yes, resolve the paradox.