The Resistance Of A Forward-biased p-n junction Is :

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The resistance of a forward-biased p-n junction is :


Correct option is

A few ohms

A few ohms




When npn transistor is used as an amplifier


When a pn junction is reverse biased, the flow of current across the junction is mainly due to


The V-i characteristic of a silicon diode is given in the figure. Calculate the diode resistance in forward bias at V = +2 volt.  


A forward-biased p-n junction diode has a potential drop of 0.5 V which is assumed to be independent of current. The current in excess of 10 mA through the diode produces so much heating that burns the diode. If we have a 1.5 V battery to bias the diode, resistor must be used in series with the diode so that the maximum current does not exceed 5 mA?   


A Si diode (p-junction) is connected to a resistor R and a biasing battery of variable voltage VB. Assume that diode requires a maximum current of 1 mA to be above the knee point (0.7 V) of its V-i characteristic curve. Also assume that the voltage V across the diode is independent of current above the knee point. If VB = 5 V, what should be the maximum value of R so that the voltage V is above the knee-point voltage?   



In the circuit (a), calculate the current in the  resistance. Assume that each diode is of silicon (Si) and its potential barrier is 0.7 volt, and forward-resistance is .


p-n photodiode is fabricated from a semiconductor with a band gap of 2.8 eV. Can it detect a wavelength of 6000 nm?



The depletion layer in the p-n junction is formed by


When a forward bias is applied to a p-n junction, it :


When a semiconductor device is connected with a battery and a resistance in series, a current flows in the circuit. The current almost vanishes if the polarity of the battery is reversed. The device may be :