Sodium nitroprusside when Added To An Alkaline Solution Of sulphide ions Produces A colouration :

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Sodium nitroprusside when added to an alkaline solution of sulphide ions produces a colouration :


Correct option is


Purple (deep violet) colour is due to the formation of sodiumthionitroprussideNa4[Fe(CN)5NOS].  



1.216 g of an organic compound was reacted under Kjeldahl’s method and ammonia evolved was absorbed in 100 ml N H2SO4. The remaining acid solution was made up to 500 ml by addition of water 20 ml of this dilute solution required 32 ml of N/10 caustic soda solution for complete neutralisation. Calculate the percentage of nitrogen in the compound. 


0.5264 g silver bromide is obtained from 0.5124 g of an organic compound. Calculate the percentage of bromine in the compound.


0.156 g of an organic compound on heating with fuming HNO3 and AgNO3 gives 0.235 g of AgI. Calculate the percentage of the iodine in the compound.


0.1170 g of an organic compound on heating with conc. HNO3 and silver nitrate in Carius furnace gave 0.42 g of AgCl. Find the percentage of chlorine in the compound.


On heating 0.32 g of an organic compound with concentrated nitric acid and barium chloride, 0.932 g barium sulphate was obtained. Calculate the percentage of sulphur in the given compound.


6 g of an organic compound containing oxygen is heated with graphite and carbon monoxide formed is quantitatively converted to 8.8 g CO2 on reaction with I2O5. Calculate percentage of oxygen in the compound.



For the reaction,


5 moles of X and 9 moles of Y will produce


The function of boiling the sodium extract with conc. HNO3 before testing for halogen is:


If 0.5 mole of  is mixed with 0.2 mole of  the maximum number of moles of  that can be formed is


276 g of silver carbonate on being strongly heated yields a residue weighing