The length of a simple pendulum is increased by 44%. What is the percentage increase in its time period?


Correct option is



 If the length or the pendulum is increased by 44%, the new length  Therefore, the new time period is


i.e., the time period increases by 0.2 T or the percentage increase is 



Which of the following equations represents a simple harmonic motion? The displacement of the system from the equilibrium position is x at time tand α is a positive constant.


Nine tuning forks are arranged in order of increasing frequency. Each tuning fork produces 4 beats per second when sounded with either of its neighbours. If the frequency of the 9th tuning fork is twice that of the first, what is the frequency of the first tuning fork?


Figure shows the displacement-time graphs of two simple harmonic motions I and II. From the graphs it follows that the two motion I and II have



What is the phase difference between the two simple harmonic motions whose displacement-time graphs are shown in figure?




The displacement x (in metres) of a particle in simple harmonic motion is related to time t (in seconds) as  


What is the frequency of the motion? 


A simple pendulum of frequency n is taken up to a certain height above the ground and then dropped along with its support so that it falls freely under gravity. The frequency of oscillations of the falling pendulum will


A person measures the time period of a simple pendulum inside a stationary lift and finds it to be T. If the lift starts accelerating upwards with an acceleration of g/3, the time period of the pendulum will be


A hollow metallic sphere filled with water is hung from a support by a long thread. A small hole is made at the bottom of the sphere and it is oscillated. How will the time period of oscillations be affected as water slowly flows out of the hole?


A simple pendulum with a brass bob has a time period T. The bob is now immersed in a non-viscous liquid and oscillated. If the density of the liquid is 1/8 that of brass, the time period of the same pendulum will be  


A simple pendulum of frequency f has a metal bob. If the bob is charged negatively and is allowed to oscillate with a positively charged plate placed under it, the frequency will