The Blood Pressure In A Capillary Bed Is Essentially Zero, Allowing Blood To Flow Extremely Slowly Through Tissues In Order To Maximize Exchange Of Gases, Nutrients, And Waste Products. What Is The Work Done On 200cm3 of Blood Against Gravity To Bring It To The Capillaries Of The Brain, 50 Cm Above The Heart?

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Correct option is



There is a wide tank of cross-section area A contain a liquid to a height Hhas a small orifice at its base of area 'a' (a < < A). The time during which liquid level falls to a height 


Water stands at a depth of 15m behind a reservoir dam. A horizontal pipe 4 cm in diameter passes through the dam 6m below the surface of water as shown. There is plug which secures the pipe opening. Then the friction between the plug and pipe wall is:


An isosceles triangle of base 3m and altitude 6m, is immersed vertically in water having its axis of symmetry horizontal as shown in figure. If height of water on its axis is 9m, the total thrust on the plate is


A liquid of density ðœŒis compin a rectangular box. The bletely filled ox is accelerating horizontally with acceleration 'a'. What should be the gauge pressure at four points P, Q, R, S ?


A rectangular box containing water is accelerated upwards at 3m/s2 on an inclined plane making 30Ëš to the horizontal. The slope of the free liquid surface is :


The speed of liquid through the siphon is:


Pressure at point B is 


Pressure at point C is


What is the gravitational potential energy of 8 cm3 of blood in a 1.8-meter tall man, in a blood vessel 0.3 m above his heart?(Note: The man’s blood pressure is )



During intense exercise, the volume of blood pumped per second by an athlete’s heart increases by a factor of 7, and his blood pressure increase by 20 %. By what factor does the power output of the heart increase during exercise?