Combining The Above Result With The Equation Of Continuity The Expression For The Red Us Of The Stream As A Function Of y is 

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Correct option is



Pressure at point C is


What is the gravitational potential energy of 8 cm3 of blood in a 1.8-meter tall man, in a blood vessel 0.3 m above his heart?(Note: The man’s blood pressure is )



The blood pressure in a capillary bed is essentially zero, allowing blood to flow extremely slowly through tissues in order to maximize exchange of gases, nutrients, and waste products. What is the work done on 200cm3 of blood against gravity to bring it to the capillaries of the brain, 50 cm above the heart?


During intense exercise, the volume of blood pumped per second by an athlete’s heart increases by a factor of 7, and his blood pressure increase by 20 %. By what factor does the power output of the heart increase during exercise?


A cylindrical can of height h and base area S is immersed in water to a depth h0 in figure. A small hole of area s appears in the bottom of the can. Determine how quickly the can sinks.



The sphere of an ancient water clock jug is such that water level descends at a constant rate at all times. If the water level falls by 4 cm every hour, determine the shape of the jar, i.e., specify x as a function of y. The radius of drain hole is 2 mm and can be assumed to be very small compared to x.



A rectangular tank of height 10 m filled with water, is placed near the bottom of a plane inclined at an angle 30o with horizontal. At height h from bottom a small hole is made (as shown in the figure) such that the stream coming out from hole, strikes the inclined plane normally. Calculate h 




If the temperature of the air does not vary, the ratio of its pressure to its density is almost constant. In this case. 


Where P0 and  are the pressure and density of air, respectively at sea level. Show that with this approximation, the variation of air pressure with altitude y is given by   



An equation for the speed of the liquid as a function of the distance it has fallen


If water flows out of vertical pipe at a speed of 1.2 m/s, how far below the outlet will the radius be half the original radius of the stream?