What force  does water exert on the base of a house tank of base area 1.5 m2 when it is filled with water up to a height of 1 m? [Density of water is 103 kg/m3 and g = 10 m/s2


Correct option is











An equation for the speed of the liquid as a function of the distance it has fallen


Combining the above result with the equation of continuity the expression for the red us of the stream as a function of y is 


If water flows out of vertical pipe at a speed of 1.2 m/s, how far below the outlet will the radius be half the original radius of the stream?


A 60 kg swimmer pulls himself into a  raft moored in the meddle of a small lake. By how much does the raft sink when the swimmer climds onto it?


A clever student needs to determine the density of liquid X. She has at her disposal a spring balance and an irregularly shaped object of unknown material that is inert in air, water liquid X. In air the object weighs 2.00N. In water it weighs 1.60N. And in liquid X it weighs 1.70N. The density of liquid X is


A layer of oil deep floats on a layer of water that is 8 meets deep. The density of the oil is 300 kg/m3. A cube with a volume of 2 m3 floats at the oil-water interface with exactly half of its volume in the water. What is the density of the cube?   


A barge filled with garbage has a density of 800 kg/m3. What present of the barge’s volume is above the water line? The volume below the water line is called the draft of the ship.    


A king order for a gold crown having a mass of 2 kg. When it arrives from the goldsmith, the volume of the crown is found to be 200 cm3. What is your opinion about the crown if the density of the pure gold is ? 



If a room has dimensions , what is the mass of air in the room if density of air at NTP is 1.3 kg/m3?

[Density of water is 103 kg/m3 and g = 10 m/s2]


When equal volumes of two metals are mixed together, the specific gravity of alloy is 4. When equal masses of the same two metals are mixed together, the specific gravity of the alloy is 3. Calculate the specific gravity of each metal.