If n is The Number Of Ways In Which An Examiner Can Assign 30 Marks To 8 Questions, Giving Not Less Than 2 Marks To Any quation find n/40.

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If n is the number of ways in which an examiner can assign 30 marks to 8 questions, giving not less than 2 marks to any quation find n/40.


Correct option is


The maximum masks that can be assigned to any question is 16. If xi are the marks assigned to ith question, then x1 + x2 + … + x8 = 30 and 2 ≤ xi≤ 16 for i = 1, 2, … 8.   

Put xi = yi + 2, so that yi ≥ 0 and y1 + y2 + … + y8 = 14.       

The number of non-negative integral solutions of this equations is .




The number of ways in which a mixed double game can be arranged from amongst 9 married couple if no husband and wife play in the same game is 


The number of times the digit 3 will be written when listing the integers from 1 to 1000 is


The number of positive integers n such that 2n divides n! is


A class contains 4 boys and g girls. Every Sunday five students, including at least three boys go for a picnic to Appu Ghar, a different group being sent every week. During, the picnic, the class teacher gives each girl in the group a doll. If the total number of dolls distributed was 85, then value of g is    


The sum of the factors of 9! Which are odd and are of the form 3m + 2, where m is a natural number is 


Sum of all three digit numbers (no digit being zero) having the property that all digit are perfect squares, is


Let S = {1, 2, 3, ... n}. if X denote the set of all subsets of S containing exactly two elements, then the value of   


Let a be a factor of 120, then the number of integral solution of x1x2x3 = a is 


There are 15 points in a plane of which exactly 8 are collinear. Find the number of straight lines obtained by joining there points.   


Find the number of rectangles that you can find on a chessboard.