A rectangular block of glass of refractive index μ and thickness d is placed over an ink dot made on a pice of paper lying on a table. When viewed from above, the dot will appear to be raised by an amount given by


Correct option is


Apparent depth = d/μ. Therefore, apparent shift




A concave mirror produces a real image twice the size of the object when place at a distance of 22.5 cm from it. At what distance from the mirror should the object be placed so that the image becomes three times the size of the object?


Two objects A and B when placed in turn in front of a concave mirror of focal length 7.5 cm, give images of equal size. If A is three times the size ofB and is placed 30 cm from the mirror, what is the distance of B from the mirror? 



The sun’s disc subtends an angle of 10–2 rad at the earth. What must be radius of curvature of the mirror which will produce on a screen an image of the sun 2 cm in diameter? 


A small strip of plane mirror A is set with its plane normal to the principal axis of a convex mirror B and placed 15 cm in front of B which it partly covers. An object is placed 30 cm from A and the two virtual images formed by reflection in A and B concide without parallax. Find the radius of curvature of B  


A concave mirror (focal length 15 cm) and a convex mirror (focal length 10 cm) are placed co-axially 70 cm apart facing each other. A 2 cm tall object is placed perpendicular to the common axis 20 cm from the concave mirror. How far from the convex mirror is the final image formed by two reflections, first at concave mirror and then at convex mirror?


A motor car is fitted with a convex driving mirror of focal length 20 cm. A second motor car 2.1 m broad and 1.05 m high is 4 m behind the first car. What is the size of the image of the second car as seen in the mirror of the first?


The refractive index of a glass prism depends upon 


A prism of refractive index of  has a refracting angle of 60o. At what angle must a ray be incident on it so that it suffers a minimum deviation?


A ray of light in a medium of refractive index μ1 is partly reflected and refracted at the boundary of a medium of refractive index μ2, as shown in fig. If BOC = 90o. The value of angle i is given by 



Two transparent media A and B are separated by a plane boundary. The speed of light in medium A is  and in medium B  The critical angle for which a ray of light going from A toB is totally internally reflected is