Gastric Juice Contains About 3.0 G Of HCl per litre. If A Person Produces About 2.5litre of Gastric Juice Per Day, How Many Antacid Tablets each  containing 400 Mg Of Al(OH)­3 are Needed To Neutralize All The HCl produced In One Day. 

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Gastric juice contains about 3.0 g of HCl per litre. If a person produces about 2.5litre of gastric juice per day, how many antacid tablets each  containing 400 mg of Al(OH)­3 are needed to neutralize all the HCl produced in one day. 


Correct option is


HCl is neutralized by Al(OH)3 according to the equation

                              Al(OH)3   + 3 HCl  → AlCl3 + 3 H2O


                                 = 78 g       = 109.5 g  

HCl produced from 2.5 lire of gastric juice 

109.5 g HCl is neutralized by Al(OH)3 = 78 g

                                                                    = 5.342 g

                                                                    = 5342 mg



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