50mL 10 N H2SO4, 25mL 12 N HCl and 40 mL 5 N HNO3 were mixed together and the volume of the mixture was made 1000mL by adding water. The normality of the resultant solution will be : 


Correct option is

1 N


N1 V1 + N2 V2 + N3 V3 = N4V4

or N4 = 1 N



2.76 g of silver carbonate (at mass of Ag = 108) on being heated strongly yields a residue weighing 


If 0.5 mol of BaCl2 is mixed with 0.2 mol of Na3PO4, the maximum number of moles of Ba3(PO4)2 that can be formed is


If 1021 molecules are removed from 200 mg of CO2, then the number of moles of CO2 left are


The  number of gram molecules of oxygen in  molecules is


The molecular weight of O2 and SO2 are 32 and 64 respectively. If onelitre of O2 at 15oC and 750 mm contains N molecules, the number of molecules in two litres of SO2 under the same conditions of temperature and pressure will be


Five grams of each of the following gases at 87oC and 750 mm pressure are taken. Which of them will have the least volume?


Haemoglobin contains 0.33% of iron by weight. The molecular weight of haemoglobin is approximately 67200. The number of iron atoms (at wt. of Fe = 56) present in one molecule of haemoglobin is 


In the reaction, 4 NH3 (g) + 5 O2 (g) → 4 NO (g) + H2O (l), when 1 mole of ammonia and 1 mole of O2 are made to react to completion 


The number of atoms in 4.25 g of NH3 is approximately


A 100mL solution of 0.1 N HCl was titrated with 0.2 N NaOH solution. The titration was discontinued after adding 30mL of NaOH solution. The remaining titration was completed by adding 0.25 N KOH solution. The volume of KOH required for completing the titration is