Which of the following methods of expressing concentration are independent of temperature?


Correct option is

Molality and Mole fraction

Molality and mole fraction involve only masses of the solute and solvent and no volumes, hence they are independent of temperature.



The decomposition of a certain mass CaCO3 gave 11.2 dm3 of CO2 gas at STP. The mass of KOH required to completely neutralize the gas is 


1.520 g of hydroxide of a metal on ignition gave 0.995 g of oxide. The equivalent weight of the metal is 


The number of g-atom of oxygen in  CO molecules is


500 mL of NH3 contain  molecules at S.T.P. How many molecules are present in 100 mL of CO2 at S.T.P.? 



In the reaction, 4 NH3 + 5 O2 → 4 NO + 6 H2O,

when one mole of ammonia and one mole of oxygen are made to react to completion, then


An unknown element forms an oxide. What will be the equivalent weight of the element if the oxygen content is 20% by weight? 


A metal M of equivalent mass E forms an oxide of molecular formulaMxOy. The atomic mass of the metal is given by the correct equation



Pressure is determined as force per unit area of the surface. The S.I unit of pressure, pascal, is as shown below:

                               1Pa = 1 Nm–2

 If mass of air at sea level is 1034g cm-2, calculate the pressure in pascal.


Determine the molecular formula of an oxide of iron in which the mass percent of iron and oxygen are 69.9 and 30.1 respectively. Given that the molar mass of the oxide is  (Atomic mass: Fe = 55.85, O = 16.00 amu)


A gaseous mixture contains oxygen and nitrogen in the ratio of 1:4 by weight. Therefore, the ratio of their number of molecules is