An Element Occurring In The Bcc Structure Has 12.08 × 1023 unit Cells. The Total Number Of Atoms Of The Elements In These Cells Will Be

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An element occurring in the bcc structure has 12.08 × 1023 unit cells. The total number of atoms of the elements in these cells will be


Correct option is

24.16 × 1023


There are two atoms in a bcc unit cell.

so, number of atom in = 2.08 × 1023 unit cells

                                    = 2 × 12.08 × 1023

                                    = 24.16 × 1023 atoms



An example of a non – stoichiometric compound is


A pure crystalline substance, on being heated gradually, first forms a turbid looking liquid and then the turbidity completely disappears. This behavior is the characteristic of substances forming.



Amorphous substances show

(i) short and long range order

(ii) short range order

(iii) long range order

(iv) have no sharp melting point


The solid NaCl is a bad conductor of electricity since


The correct statement in the following is



The crystal system of a compound with unit cell dimensions,

a = 0.387, b = 0.387 and c = 0.504 nm, and α = β = 900 and γ = 1200 is


If Z is the number of atoms in the unit cell that represents the closest packing sequence …… ABC ABC …… the number of tetrahedral voids in the unit cell is equal to


In which of the following crystals alternate tetrahedral voids are occupied?


A solid is made of two elements X and Z. the atoms Z are in ccp arrangement while the atom X occupy all the tetrahedral sites. What is the formula of the compound?


The number of sphere contained (i) in one body centred cubic unit cell and (ii) in one face centred cubic unit cell, is