The metal of a pendulum clock has a coefficient of expansion as K. Its period is 2 s at 15oC. If the temperature increases to 25oC, shall the clock:


Correct option is

Lose time

When temperature rises, t goes up and hence clock runs slow or loses time.



An iron tyre is to be fitted onto a wooden wheel 1.0 m in diameter. The diameter of thetyre is 6 mm smaller than that of wheel. The tyre should be heated so that its temperature increases by a minimum of (coefficient of volume expansion of iron is 3.6× 10–5/oC):   


If the length of a cylinder on heating increases by 2%, the area of its base will increase by:


When a copper ball is heated, the largest percentage increase will occur in its: 


A rectangular block is heated from 0oC to 100oC. The percentage increase in its length is 0.10%. What will be the percentage increase in its volume?


A thick and a thin wire of same material and same length are heated from 10oC to 90oC. Which expands more?


Two rods of same material and length have their radii in ratio of 3:1, the ratio of expansion  when same amount of heat is supplied will be:


A piece of platinum can be sealed successfully into soda glass but not a piece of copper because:


Liquid is filled in a flask up to a certain point. When the flask is heated, the level of liquid:


Coefficients of volume expansion of substances are generally in the range of:


A metal ball immersed in alcohol weighs W1 at 00C and W2 at 59oC. The coefficient of cubical expansion of the metal is less than that of alcohol. Assuming that the density of metal is large compared to that of alcohol, it can be show that: