Two spheres are made of same metal and have same mass. One is solid and the other is hollow. When heated to the same temperature, which of the following statements is correct about the percentage increase in their diameters?


Correct option is

It will be more for both sphere


The expansion of solid is just like photographic enlargement. Therefore


i.e., same for both solid and hollow spheres.



A thermometer is graduated in millimeters. It registers – 3 mm when the bulb of thermometer is in pure melting ice and 22 mm when the thermometer is in steam at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. The temperature in oC when the thermometer registers 13 mm is:


The resistance of a resistance thermometer has values 2.71 and 3.70 ohm at 10oC and 100oC. The temperature at which the resistance is 3.26 ohm is:


The standard fixed point for temperature measurements in use today is:


A test tube containing water is placed in boiling water so that its mouth remains outside the boiling water. Choose the wrong statement:


What extinguishes a fire most quickly?


A 10 kg iron bar (specific heat 0.11 cal/gm-oC) at 80oC is placed on a block of ice. How much ice melts?


A vertical glass jar is filled with water at 10oC. It has one thermometer at the top and another at the bottom. The central region of the jar is gradually cooled. It is found that the bottom thermometer reads 4oC earlier than the top thermometers and the top thermometer reads 0oC earlier than the bottom thermometer. This happens because:


A metallic ball has spherical cavity at its centre. If the ball is heated, what happens to the cavity?


A thin copper wire of length L increase in length by 1% when heated from 0oC to 100oC. If a thin copper plate of area  is heated from 0oC to 100oC, the percentage increase in its area will be: